About the Artist

Welcome to SymbologyXPhide.

From the early cave dwellers to the astronauts traveling through space, humanity has used symbols as a mean to convey ideas and messages, either practical or spiritual. Buying symbolic jewelry for yourself, can be a powerful motivator in moments of doubt or to remind you of that special goal you set for yourself. Offering it as a gift, can help you to easily express your feelings with a loved one.

I grew up in Belgium where I trained under the best of the Continental masters. My mother, grandfather, and my ancestors began making jewelry before the turn of the 19th century.

As a member of the Austin jewelry community for over 35 years, I view craftsmanship as the essential ingredient of fine jewelry. I also teach and train the next generations of artist-jewelers at Austin Community College.
Member: Association of Professional Jewelers
Diploma: Associate Degree of Applied Science in Jewelry
Certificates: GIA Diamond Grading, GIA Colored Stone Grading, JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler
Adjoint Professor for the Jewelry Manufacturing Department at Austin Community College.